What We Discovered When We Analysed The S&P 500.

We all hear a lot of so-called facts that we just accept as gospel. Things like it takes seven years to digest chewing gum or that goldfish have three-second memories.

While these and other so-called facts don’t affect your life in any meaningful way, we also hear loads of “facts” about investing that could prove dangerous if we rely on them when building our portfolios but are then later proven to be incorrect.

There are hundreds of these so-called facts that we just accept because some faceless analyst or reporter says so. We personally like to verify as much as we can, but we’re often hamstrung by our lack of accessibility to good data. Detailed financial data seems to be only available to the billion-dollar financial institutions.

In this video we’re deep diving into the last 33 years of S&P 500 total return data to find out the real facts.

We’ll learn what the overall returns were, the impact of exchange rates, the frequency of corrections and crashes, the effect of missing the best trading days, how long it takes to recover from a crash, and more. Let’s check it out…

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Written by Andy


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