Matched Betting: How To Make £500+ Per Month For Minimal Effort

Can you make real money with no effort? No. But Matched Betting is one of the closest things to money-for-nothing available, that anyone over 18 can take advantage of. Andy and Ben give it a try…

Runaway Inflation – Will The ‘New Normal’ Ravage Your Portfolio

Since 2008, major central banks have pumped over $25 trillion into the global economy, with over $9 trillion in response
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How To Release Equity From Your Home To Get £50k+ In Cash

Imagine transferring £50k of extra cash into your bank account, without having to work to get it. Think what you
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Saving A House Deposit Or Building Your Investment Portfolio: Which Comes First?

Getting onto the housing ladder is becoming increasingly difficult. In fact, latest figures show only 50% of all 35-44 year
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Boris Delivers Tax Blow | House Prices Going Mental | Brits Are Unprepared For Next Crisis

Welcome to MU News. Today’s financial headlines: Boris Johnson U-turns again by breaking Conservative manifesto pledge not to increase national
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Best Money Decisions We Ever Made!

In a recent post we looked at our biggest money regrets and we thought rather than just dwell on the
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The 3 Essential UK Dividend Stocks For Any Retirement Portfolio

You guys know we spend a lot of time searching for the perfect investment portfolio that will get us to
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We’ve written an 8-page, 4 Step Guide to investing in the stock market – it’s totally free to download and in it we cover the basics of:
  • Why You Need to Invest
  • How to Choose an Investment Platform
  • Our Favourite Platforms
  • How to Shield Yourself from Taxes
  • Exactly What to Invest In
  • What ETFs are and How They Compare to Shares
  • Our Views on Managed Funds
  • Examples of Great ETFs to Invest In
  • An Example Portfolio

My Plan To Grow My £200k Portfolio To £1m In Under 10 Years

In a post back in May, I showed how my portfolio had grown to £200k over 5 years, starting from
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How We’re Making 33% Annual Returns With Long-Term Spread Betting

Since 1978 – that’s 43 years – US stocks have returned roughly 12% per year. Not bad, but future returns
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6 CRITICAL Mistakes You’re Making With Your Stocks & Shares ISA

So you’ve got an Stocks & Shares ISA or are thinking of opening one. It can be tempting to just
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You Won’t Believe What New Investors Are Doing!

Hi guys, here at Money Unshackled we love investor surveys. We’ll take any chance we get to delve into the
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Earn 7.5% Interest From Crypto, And 5 Other Crypto Tricks!

One of the biggest issues with cryptocurrency investments like Bitcoin and Ethereum is that they don’t pay you a dividend
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Buy These 5 Super Stocks Now! (August 2021)

We’ve got 5 new Super Stocks to talk to you about today, which we’re adding to our Super Stocks portfolio
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The 5 Best Income & Cash Flow Investments

We’re living in an age of rock-bottom interest rates, where investors have largely given up on cash flow in favour
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How To Retire With A £1 Million Pension At Age 50

In previous articles we’ve looked at retiring really young, and there were two themes that were evident: 1) You had
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InvestEngine Is A Game-Changer! | Completely Free ETF Investing Platform Reviewed

InvestEngine is a game changing new investment platform that lets you trade ETFs for free, beating the popular commission-free trading
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Do Index Funds & ETFs REALLY Beat Actively Managed Funds?

S&P Global, the index provider behind the S&P 500 and other stock indexes, provide some great insight into the markets
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Don’t Do This… Our 5 Biggest Money Regrets

“It’s good to learn from your mistakes. It’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.” – Warren Buffett. In today’s
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The Ugly Side Of Being Self-Employed

In previous posts we’ve mostly talked highly of turning your back on wage slavery and setting up shop for yourself,
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