Income Protection Insurance

Updated: 29th March 2021

Lock In Your Financial Independence

Income Protection Insurance is there to provide you a monthly income if you were unexpectedly off work due to accident or sickness. There are many factors which affect income protection insurance, and it is essential you get advice. Medical history, occupation, lifestyle, and employment type are all things that will be considered when looking at the options and an expert will be able to help you navigate this path.

Partnering with Assured Futures, they have access to a range of insurance companies specialising in income protection insurance, and their specialist team are experienced in helping you select a plan that is right for you.

Note from Money Unshackled’s Andy:

We consider long-term Income Protection to be essential. You might feel invincible, but this can change in an instant. Would you be able to sustain your current lifestyle if you lost your capacity to work? Or would it leave you in financial ruin?

Those that follow Money Unshackled on YouTube will likely know that I’m pursuing financial freedom, but in the meantime sickness or injury could shatter those plans. I’ve taken out Income Protection Insurance through Assured Futures to protect against this.

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