Health Insurance

Updated: 29th March 2021

Because You Shouldn’t Take Your Health For Granted

Since the Covid-19 pandemic our health has never been so important. The NHS is struggling and looking at Health Insurance as an option is a good idea. It can be a flexible policy with many options and often prices can be more affordable than you think.

Health Insurance plans allow you to select different types of cover and benefit levels that integrate with existing health services, making them much more affordable.

Our friends at Assured Futures have access to a range of insurance companies specialising in health insurance, and their specialist team are experienced in helping you select a plan that is right for you.

Note from Money Unshackled:

Private health insurance is an insurance policy designed to cover the cost of private healthcare. No matter how fond we all are of the NHS, it’s not as good as we would like.

Private health insurance can get you quicker access to consultants, tests, and treatment. Private hospitals often have better facilities, and in some instances, you will have better access to treatment and drugs. You even have greater control over which hospital you go to, and when.

In an ideal world, health insurance would be more of a luxury as the NHS should be sufficient. Having said this, it’s certainly worth considering if it’s within your budget. There’s no harm in speaking to the experts and getting a quote.

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