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Does Property Give The Best Return?

Buy To Let is still the place to find the fastest route to Financial Freedom in the UK, despite the scare stories in the media. If you know where to find good Property, and how to finance and manage it properly, you can make 20%+ returns!

Leading By Example

Each property that we invest in yields cash returns of hundreds of pounds per month, and are located with capital growth in mind. We will tell you all about it on our YouTube channel and in the articles below. Ignore the naysayers - invest in Property for Financial Freedom!

ARTICLES - Investment Property

Getting to 200 Grand – What I’d Change About My £200k Portfolio

When you reach an investment milestone like £200k, it’s good to reflect on your achievements so far, but more important
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Reviewing My Property Empire – Is Buy-To-Let Still Valid In 2021?

Written by Ben I’ve been reviewing my property portfolio recently, in light of the covid pandemic. Over the last year,
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Only Buy Your Home If You Answer ‘Yes’ To These 6 Questions | Rent vs Buying UK

Is buying a property always better than renting? In the UK we’re obsessed with home ownership, and you’ll have heard
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Analysing Long-Term Trends With Relative Asset Values – Stocks vs Gold vs Oil vs Property

When investors talk about beating the market, they usually mean picking stocks. That’s one way to do it, but an
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Complete Guide To Buy To Let Property

If you have a dream of building a rental property empire, then you’re not alone. There are at least 1
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Enemies of Investing Rant – Things To Look Out For

We all need to look out for a number of threats or evils when it comes to investing. If you
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Your Opportunity Fund – Career, Investing & Side Hustles

Everyone gets opportunities to make more money. But most people either aren’t equipped to take them, or don’t see them.
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Take Control Of Your Financial Life – You Can’t Rely On Anyone Else!

We see a lot of people whinging on social media and in some news publications about how the government is
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How Overpaying Your Mortgage Kills You Financially

Paying off your mortgage early will destroy your finances.   If you were raised in an average family you were
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Robert Kiyosaki: Legend or Con Artist? Cashflow Quadrant – Rich Dad

Assets, assets, assets. Buy them, hold them, get rich from them. This is the philosophy of Rich Dad Poor Dad
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Property Shares – Should You Invest in REITs vs Investing in Property Directly

Investing in property is a national obsession in the UK, and any way we can make that easier for investors
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Work Once Get Paid Forever

Work once, get paid forever. These are the words of millionaire’s the world over, and by following this simple mantra
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Investment Property UK – FAQs

Investors who are new to Investment Property always have a ton of questions for us about the basics. Buying a
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Will Property Prices Fall in UK After Brexit?

Will property prices fall in the UK after Brexit? It’s the question that’s on the lips of buy-to-let investors and
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FIRE Financial Freedom – Financial Independence Retire Early

The Financial Independence, Retire Early Movement, or FIRE movement for short is a lifestyle choice to retire early by gaining
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