How To Use Pensions Alongside Your S&S ISA and Retire Young

If you’re like us and want to retire young, then listening to the mainstream media drone on about paying into your pension will be to the detriment of your life goals.
In previous episodes we’ve talked about the magical £500,000 investment pot that should be able to pay you 20 grand every year until you kick the bucket.
However, if you had listened to conventional financial advisors you would have no access to this money if you retired young, as you thought the sensible approach was to save it into a pension.
You could even be a pension millionaire and still be living on the breadline as the money is locked away out of reach until old age!
Does this mean that pensions are completely useless for retiring young? We think in the right circumstances they can be very useful. But how much should you use them?
And what is the main alternative retirement savings vehicle? That’s what we’re talking about in this video. Let’s check it out:
Alternatively Watch The YouTube Video > > >

Free Pension / ISA Retirement Calculator Spreadsheet

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  1. the spreadsheet download doesn’t work! can you help sort please?

    • I can actually see you’ve downloaded 8 copies! Have you checked your Downloads folder? Thanks, Ben

  2. It doesn’t work for me either. I tried on Chrome and Safari. Great video though guys! Would love to get access to that spreadsheet if you can email it, or get the link working here.

    • Hi Karl – you should have received an email, with a link in it which downloads the spreadsheet to your Downloads folder when you click. Regards, Ben

  3. unfortunately the download still doesn’t work, i registered with my email, received the link, clicked on it, a browser page opens and almost instantly closes with no files being downloaded 🙁 . To be clear, there is no need to look for the document anywhere, it should show in the Chrome downloaded files list (CTRL+J), but it doesn’t. Please fi it 🙂

    • Try the Microsoft Edge browser, it works! It didn’t work for me on Chrome as well.

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